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Wikipedia editor Croatia banned for promoting fake far-right content



The editor responsible for Wikipedia Croatia (all content produced in Serbian and Croatian languages) was banned from the platform after an investigation which identified that he, along with other editors, they edited pages and created distorted content, advocating radical, far-right political positions.

According to a report published by Wikimedia, the non-profit organization responsible for Wikipedia, the group of malicious publishers started altering content out of their own interest since 2011. The contents corrupted by the group presented political, social and cultural positions also defended by a group linked to far-right political parties, as well as ultra-conservative movements in Croatia.

This group systematically produced and edited articles containing non-encyclopedic content and without open historical revisionism […] It seems that this group consisted of real-life friends, ideological supporters and political allies“, writes the organization, in a public report earlier this month.

As an example cited in the report, widely accessed pages, such as the one on World War II, were tampered with, adding lies and twisted facts, like that Hitler only attacked Poland after the Poles committed genocide against the Germans and that the concentration camps were, in reality, labor camps.

They were also responsible for conspiracy articles (supposed communist theories), pushing negative views on the European Union and how it puts Croatia’s sovereignty at risk, in addition to the fact that the European Union would have used propaganda to induce Croatian citizens to vote in favor of the political and economic alliance between European countries and other ideals.

List with some of the pages related to World War II tampered with. Photo: Wikimedia.
List with some of the pages related to World War II tampered with. Photo: Wikimedia.

These and many other incidents described in the report go against Wikipedia’s content policy, mainly because most of these changes were made with fake accounts., making it difficult for the organization to track down who authored them.

Source: the record; wikimedia; TheHack.

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