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This mysterious code could wipe out your iPhone’s Wi-Fi for good


Danish information security researcher Carl Schou has discovered a bug in iOS that disables (for good) the Wi-Fi function of an iPhone, preventing the device from connecting to any other such network, only when connecting to a network with % p% s% s% s% s% n” as name.

As Shou explains, not restarting the smartphone, not even resetting the SSID (name) of the Wi-Fi network is able to fix the problem. Once connected to a network with that name, your iPhone’s Wi-Fi function is gone (lol). The only way to fix the problem is to restore the factory default network settings in iOS settings.

This issue can be exploited by criminals interested in harming iPhone users in a variety of situations., but mostly by setting up public and passwordless internet access points, causing any iPhone user to have their device damaged.

All details of the bug exploitation process are described in the researcher’s blog. There is also a proof video posted on his Twitter.

“For exploitability, it doesn’t echo and the rest of the parameters don’t seem to be controllable. So I don’t think this case is exploitable. After all, to trigger this bug, you need to connect to this Wi-Fi, where the SSID is visible to the victim. A Wi-Fi phishing portal page may also be more effective,” writes Schou.

Sources: The Hacker News; Carl Schou (blog); Carl Schou (Twitter); TheHack.

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