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SP thieves may be opening iPhones with ‘checkra1n’


A Brazilian security researcher informed the CISO Advisor that iPhones stolen in São Paulo may be being unlocked with a jailbreak called “checkra1n”, which manages to surpass the security measures of iPhone 5.0 to X and iOS 12 onwards. with the use of an exploit called “checkm8” (checkmate). Jailbreaking is a way to gain privileged (root) access to the phone’s operating system. This jailbreak has been known since 2019, when it was presented at the Power of Community (POC) 2019 event, held in Seoul, South Korea, by Italian security researcher Luca Todesco.

Todesco did not invent the checkra1n – there are a total of at least 27 researchers who worked on the project. One of them, whose Twitter handle is @axi0mX, claims that this jailbreak uses an exploit that cannot be patched – it is a bootrom exploit that would reach hundreds of millions of iOS devices.

Despite this, one of the questions on the project’s FAQ is “I lost my password. Can checkra1n decrypt my data or gain access to a locked device?” The answer is no”.

An article published on Reddit on the subject says that the checkm8 is particularly interesting for the jailbreak community “because it’s a hardware-based exploit. This means that Apple cannot fix it with a simple software update, as most exploits used by modern jailbreaks (eg Chimera, Electra and unc0ver) can be.”

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