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Joe Biden wants users to have the right to fix their tractors and iPhones; Steve Wozniak is in favor


A request for an executive order (which does not need Congressional approval) from the President of the United States, Joe Biden, presented on Friday (09), seeks to create rules that prohibit companies from preventing users from repairing their products and devices in person, or through independent professionals, unrelated to the device manufacturer.

“Today [09/07], President Biden is taking decisive steps to slow the trend toward corporate consolidation, increasing competition and delivering tangible benefits to America’s consumers, workers, farmers and small businesses. [sic]”writes a US government spokesman in a press release.

According to Vice, the order mainly affects John Deere and Apple, which are companies that make it as difficult as possible to open and repair their devices., with tools and software that block devices if they are opened by unauthorized third-party manufacturers. But Microsoft, Google, in addition to other technology companies, the medical and home appliance sectors must also be remembered.

Joe Biden’s government considered that this practice monopolizes the consumer’s right to fix their products in the way they see fit. The document, presented on Friday (09) invention that the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the trade regulatory body and principally responsible for ensuring fair competitiveness between sectors of the economy, “issue rules against anti-competitive restrictions on the use of independent repair shops or DIY repairs of their own devices and equipment.”

Steve Wozniak likes this

On Wednesday, Stece Wozniak, co-founder of Apple’s Right-to-Repair Advocate, posted a video on the “Repair Preservation Group” channel stating his support for the maker community, open source devices and the right to repair .

“See the Apple II. It was shipped with complete schematics, designs and software code listings. fully open source […] The Apple II was modifiable and extensible. People have figured out how to convert the screen to lowercase characters with their own added hardware. This product was the only source of profits for Apple in the company’s first ten years“, comments the executive.

“It’s time to recognize the right to repair more fully […] I believe companies inhibit because it gives companies power, control, over everything. In many people’s minds, power over others equals money and profits. Is it your computer or is it some company’s computer. Think about it“concludes Wozniak.

Sources: The White House; Vice; Vice; TheHack.

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